Morning buzz

I stopped by Navlet’s in Pleasant Hill on Saturday.  There were two representatives from the Contra Costa Mosquito and Vector Control District working a table.  I stopped by just out of curiousity.  These guys deal with mosquitoes, which equals West Nile Virus, rats and mice, yellow jackets, ticks and bees.  (Bees are the good guys).  I had a friend who worked for them who used to come and pull down the yellow jacket nests for me at my old house.  Once you get them under control, it’s easy to knock them down when they’re little.  It’s the massive nests that are a problem.  I asked them if they were the people you called for dead birds and they gave me the Dead Bird Hotline number.  (1-866-537-BIRD)  Then I asked about squirrels.  I hate squirrels, they torment my dogs, I think that they are just cute rats with bushy tails.  In actuality, they are now seeing West Nile Virus in dead squirrels too and they should be reported as well. 

With the rains coming to an end, it’s time to find all the sitting water around the house and dump it out.  That’s where mosquitos lay their eggs and the larva live.  Besides carrying a plethora of diseases, mosquitos can also infect your dog with heartworm.  They are now seeing cases pretty regularly in this area.  Protect your family and your pets by making your home unwelcoming for mosquitos.