When it rains…

It’s a great time to catch a movie or see an exhibit.  There are a couple of great exhibits in the City right now.  I’m a huge Annie Leibovitz fan.  They have a large exhibit of her work at the Legion of Honor, through May 25th.  Few have photographed more influential people of our era.


I don’t know if the Queen will be there, I just liked the example.

The San Francisco Museum of Art has an exhibit of the work of Friedlander from 1950 forward going on right now too.  This exhibit runs through May 18th.

And my pick if you just have to get outside this weekend the Kayak Surf Festival in Santa Cruz.

image20.jpgCowabunga baby!

And the tasteless pick of the weekend, a Peter Bogdanovich tribute at the Castro Theatre…fear not, you won’t be sitting through the Last Picture Show or  Paper Moon or What’s up Doc or Mask.  Nope, they’re showing movies that he didn’t even know were still available.  Read all about it here.  He will be there as will Miss Shepherd who will wind up her one woman show this weekend.  Sounds like a hoot.