I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike

I watched a woman driving up Treat Blvd. last Monday night.  She was in the lane next to me, swerving all over the lane, not because she was drunk but because she was texting and driving.  This just came across my desktop and I’ll link to it here for all my cycling friends.  The weather’s nicer and there is more of us out there, let’s all take’er easy.  When a cyclist makes a mistake and gets hit by a car, the cyclist gets hurt.  When a motorist makes a mistake and hits a cyclist, the cyclist gets hurt.  Let’s have a Hill Street Blues moment….Be careful out there.

Around the horn on Easter weekend

The Lindsay Wildlife Museum will be closed Easter Sunday, but open all next week due to spring break.  They have an exhibit up there right now called Bring the Condors Home.  I’m always overcome with childlike amazement when an endangered specie returns from the brink as the condors did.

Tonight it’s March Madness up at the Pleasant Hill Wine Merchants.  If you haven’t been up to this place, they know wine.  No, they KNOW wine.  And they’re really nice people.  Here’s their blurb for tonight:

Fri March 21 & Sat March 22 March Madness! Come and taste our best picks of the month Tasting Fee $10 ($5 Wine Club Members) Special feature Friday night only: Dechen Designs — Treat yourself to a taste of luxury with our high-quality, hand-woven Cashmere (pashmina) wraps from Nepal. Freshen up your wardrobe with our hot & trendy silk scarves with matching handbags from India!

Sunday March 23rd – closed for Easter Holiday

Heather Farms is having their Easter Egg hunt tomorrow.

Saturday, March 22nd, 10:15 a.m. Walnut Creek Spring Egg
Hunts, Heather Farm Park 301 N. San Carlos Dr. @ Ygnacio
Valley Road, and Larkey Park, 2771 Buena Vista Ave. Walnut
Creek, FREE
 This hunt is divided into two parts, Preschoolers to
5th graders and disabled children will be at Heather Farm Park
and there will be another hunt for Preschoolers through fifth
graders at Larkey Park.  Note: Larkey Park is on the other side of
the 680 from Heather Farms.  Depending on how your kid likes
crowds, you might consider the Larkey Park Location.

Saturday, March 22nd, 8:00 – 9:45 a.m. (just before the Egg Hunt)
Walnut Creek Breakfast with the Spring Bunny, $5 adults, FREE
for kids under 12
, There will be a pancake breakfast with the
Spring Bunny at the Heather Farm Community Center. 

My favorite brunch location is Patrick David’s in the Livery in Danville.  Don’t know if they’re doing a special Easter brunch or not, it’s best to drop a dime on them first, but if you go there be sure to order that warm chocolate souffle.  It’s possibly the best dessert in Contra Costa County, and I’m not a chocolate fan.  Scott’s in Walnut Creek has a special Easter brunch, call early, they’re always crowded and with good reason.

And we’ve got a decent weather report for the weekend so it’ll be a great time to take a hike around the mountain, or a ride or a run or a nice 18 holes.  Have a great weekend everyone!

Run, Forest, Run

One of my all time favorite foot races is the Dipsea.  It is the most grueling 7.1 miles you will ever spend racing.  To say it’s an over hill over dale sort of race would be to sell it short.  It’s completion is one of the major accomplishments of my life, even though 80 year old Walt Stack beat my butt.  Tomorrow is the last day to register for this event.  You can request an application at theannualdipsea@aol.com  and they will mail them back to you.  The acceptance process is arduous, but if you get in, it will be totally worth it.